The Ashram was established in 2004. There was nothing when I came here. Gradually People to connect and get The cooperation of all. Sir Guru Dattatreya Sanyas Ashram Society was registered in June 2008. Registered no. 63/ngr/2008-09. Each year The festival of Guru purnima and nava durga are regularly celebrating at ashram. The plantation were often. Satsang and Bhandara programs are organized. Saint RaviGiri mook badhir awam netraheen (deaf and blind) School founded in 2014 for orphans and handicapped children.
Currently about 20 children present in School. Accommodation meals and all things are free to education.
Education are provided with computer and typing practice.
Two teachers, a worden and a cook in The School staff. Jitender , Anil , Sajjan and Lakhan are orphaned.
Currently executive president – Mahant RaviGiri Maharaj , vice president Shyam sunder rao, Treasurer – Pema Ram sankhla , Secratary – Gautam Chand and Bajrang bhargva , Omkar Singh , Kushal Chand and Ram giri are members of Society.

Saint RaviGiri Deaf and Blind School was founded in July 2014-15 by Sri guru dattatreya sanyas ashram society. Currently 12 children entering school have taken and are studying. Children of all expenses (accommodation and meal etc.) are borne by the institute.

There are five orphaned children in the school. A varden and a cook for child care arrangements. For the physically development of children is taken yoga by Om Giri Baba.

For the open and clean environment has been developed Park and playground. Children assembly is held every Saturday and children inspired by poems and stories.

Now science has made great progress but also in the world, superstition took root so that people are not left behind superstition free. The reason for this is the lack of education. Unless everyone gets educated, then the world can’t be free of superstition . Our efforts to promote education . Our organisation orphans , handicapped and destitute children inter school as well as their education and provide them food, clothing , medicine etc. Sports and clean environment for the physical development of playgrounds and parks system . Environment for development through institution – specific events are organised every year plantation program . From time to time by the lustration (fire) are environmental purity effort. The program consists of choral chants on special occasion . Every years Guru purnima and Navratri festival is organised the Bhandara (pantry) and fire program and also night vigil.

Swami Ravi Giri Baba is the founder and spiritual head of Sri Guru Dattatreya Sanyas Ashram Society and Saint RaviGiri Deaf and Blind school. Swami Ji’s inspiration is the life and work of “Mahayogi Maha mandleshwar” Pilot baba (Somnath Giri), whom he rever’s as his spiritual guru (master).
From a very young age (8yrs old) Swami Ravi Giri Baba was deeply interested in the scriptures of our country and the philosophy of the different cultures of the world. Babaji’s discourses have found their way to the hearts of millions. He speaks the language of love with a vocabulary of words that comes straight from his heart.
Baba ji took Sanyas in the company of “Maha mandleshwar Avadhesha nanda giri (acharya guru) in ujjain kumbh.Baba ji meditated at different places in Nepal, Nainital, Haridwar and Gangotri.

Our other plans follow :-
1. Oldage home.
2. De-addiction centre.
3. Help for widow and Abandoned women.

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