You are welcome to visit the ashram. You are invite to a joyous celebration of meditation, chanting and more. We will need your help and creative input to decorate the ashram for the festivities. On guru Purnima night there will be special satsang with much music and song.
Ashram rules and regulations :-
* Seva is an essential part of the ashram experience. Maintaining a positive spiritual atmosphere requires participation from all the guests and staff.
* Kindly restrain expressions of affection in public – kissing and hugging.
* Kindly respect the gender privacy of children dorms. Couples are advised to observe celibacy as part of the discipline.
*- No consumption of meat , eggs , alcohol , tobacco and any drugs is prohibited.
* Please remove your shoes and place them in the shoe racks when entering any room.
* To maintain the tranquil setting of an ashram we aim to observe personal silence.
* If you have any suggestions , comments or special requests , feel free to write them down with your name or email address in the “contact us” box.


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