Saint Ravi Giri Deaf and Blind School across 18 states of India, providing free education to more than children in the slum, Most of the children are first generation learners, paving the way for a generation of educated families.

Sports and extra-curricular activities offered in the schools promote the all round well being of the child.

How can I Participate?

There are many more children waiting to be supported.You can participate in making this beautiful vision come true.It costs Rs. 20,000 per child per year(education,transport, food, medicals, uniforms, books, bags etc. inclusive).
Contributions receive tax exemption under Section 80G.

All donations to Saint Ravi Giri Deaf and Blind School are eligible for tax exemption under Section 80G(5) (VI) of the Income Tax Act.


As you know, we need your support. We have deaf and blind children in the School. With your cooperation we provide them studies, food and accommodation.
You can also collaborate in making class room and ashram room. Class room cost about 2. Lac and simple room cost  1.25 Lac. You can collaborate on guru Purnima and Navratri Festival.
You can help us with donation.
Always remember – >the poor and miserable help is Worship of the God.
So you push button of “Donation Now“.


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