Yoga’ dwells on metaphysical plane. Science consider inhaling and exhaling of breath as ‘life’ . Vayu or air, according to ‘yoga’ is only an associate of the body. Science is baffled by the mystery of ‘life’ and death. Yoga looks upon ‘life’ and death as a transition and wants to unveil the mystery. Science calls creation as an accidented happening but yoga thinks that ‘shristi’ or creation is nature’s arrangements and the gift of a Maha Purush. ‘Truth’ and ‘possibilities’ are the two contradictory school of thoughts.
Yoga is a science of its own kind. The first stage of truth comes up in the science. Yoga begins from the point, where physical science only accept the present proven experience. Yoga can unhesitantly talk about a glimpse of nature. It can join the past , present and future. A scientist is a man and a ‘yogi’ is also a man. Though they belong to the same species yet they are so different. Their ways of thinking are radically different. But the fusion of their thoughts and create something new.

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