According to Baba ji.
Truth is neither new nor old.
If truth is know through a medium.
Then it will always remain suspect doubtful.
Truth is the same only expression differs.
Science has taken the body.
Religion has taken the soul.
Only the mind is left for philosophy.
Mind is the breading round of philosophy, let the mind disappear – and the beauty is…………… ?
Man has the seed of a great flowering of consciousness.
Man has possibility to become God , but that doesn’t happen. It doesn’t happen because man has been hypnotized – by the society, by the state, by the organization.
The society needs a slave and man can remain a slave only. If he is not allowed to grow to his after most flowing.
Knowing is alive.
Knowledge is dead.
Knowledge is always of the past.
It is a finished phenomenon.
Knowing is always a present process.
Man represent action, woman represent non action.
Man is Sun.
Woman is moon.
You have to go and put in all your energy make effort to become effortless.
When your all energy is involved – there happen’s a transformation. like a Water, evaporated action.
Light never dies.
The whole secret of life.
You must learn about how to watch one’s thoughts without falling into the traps of either fighting or following them.
The flood of energy emanating from “GURU” to save you, pushes you, urges you, provokes you, challenge you to grow in the awareness of who you are……. ?
Now go through the discovery of the self. now go on inward journey.
Stop chasing anyone (men women) and start chasing yourself, you can’t do both.
If you are no more interested in world affairs, it is good.
Now become interested in your own self.
The world affairs (woman’s man’s) is out side you.
That is the interest in the other if you are a woman, then the man is outside you. That is the interest in the other.
Now become interested in yourself.
Transform your excitement (sexual) energy into meditative energy. It is the same energy just the direction changes.
It flows no more downwards and outwards.
It starts flowing inwards and upwards this time same energy opens the Bud of the Golden flower in you.
This is the whole secret of you.
You want to learn from me because you have come to me – who are ready to die in order to reborn. Who are ready to die for following…… :–
The seed has to die only then can only one grow.
The seed has to disappear – only then can free happen.
Science is a shastra.
Remember one thing, the crowd has never had the experience of truth.
Truth has only happened to individuals. If you have no courage to go into the unknown – then you will never get the reality.
I want to you remember, truth has always happened to individuals.
It is not a collective phenomenon. It doesn’t happen to a crowd. It always happened to the individuals.
It is just like Love.
Have you seen a crowd in love ? That is impossible that a crowd falls in love with another crowd.
It has not happened up to now.
It is an individual phenomenon, one person falls in love with another person.
But in love at least there are two person.
In truth even two are not there. You alone in your absolute aloneness experiences it.

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