A master is an inspiration. He is not a belief. So the function of the master is not to make you just like himself.
His function is to help you discover –
Who are you ?
You are not like me – just there is no need of duplicate.
The master never give you belief –
He give you sharing of his experiences
His atmosphere. So that hypothesis.
raises in you –
A desire to experiment and once the desire is there – master give you the “way” that’s he knows – that he has walked.
Belief begins with no doubt – hypothesis is full of doubt. A man who has no doubt can not experiment.
Belief is blind – all belief is blind.
Trust is different thing.
Trust is a totally different matter.
It has two steps.
First is hypothetical trust.
Hypothesis is Scientific term.
When you start experiment – you hypothetically take it for granted that it will succeed in my ways I don’t want to teach you anything – I don’t want you to preach you at all.
I am not a bridge between you and the Ramadan. I am not the bridge between you and Geeta – the Bible – the kurana.
I wanted to be a bridge between you and yourself.
Between you and Truth – God.
A master is not a teacher. A master shares his being with you – not his philosophia.
A master exposes himself to you , allow you closeness. So that you can see your face in his mirror.
The master function is not to mould you into a certain idea.
But to withdraw all the crutches. All the supports that society has given to you.

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