Now science has made great progress but also in the world, superstition took root so that people are not left behind superstition free. The reason for this is the lack of education. Unless everyone gets educated, then the world can’t be free of superstition . Our efforts to promote education . Our organisation orphans , handicapped and destitute children inter school as well as their education and provide them food, clothing , medicine etc. Sports and clean environment for the physical development of playgrounds and parks system . Environment for development through institution – specific events are organised every year plantation program . From time to time by the lustration (fire) are environmental purity effort. The program consists of choral chants on special occasion . Every years Guru purnima and Navratri festival is organised the Bhandara (pantry) and fire program and also night vigil.
Our other plans follow :-
1. Oldage home.
2. De-addiction centre.
3. Help for widow and Abandoned women.

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